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CREATiVE REALMS: Exploring Creativity and Learning in the ARTS
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Residencies and Workshops

Identity Mask

Tunde motivates students to reflect on their individual and cultural identity and to fully express themselves through their masks. Students are encouraged to explore their identity and creatively convey that information visually.
This project gives students a chance to look at the multiple parts of self from a holistic point of view and create mixed media masks to define their identities. The concept of stereotypes is central to this project because students need to learn how it influences peoples' perceptions and identity. Stereotypes exist in communities because individuals and groups' identities have been marked by negative stereotypes throughout history.
Students will examine the concepts of stereotypes, race, culture and identity through dialogues and how limited information and historical misinformation can create boundaries between cultures.
The technical process involves combination of cutting, hole punching, and montage of different elements. This experience will result in a wonderful mixed-media expression.